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Taksim hotels, فنادق بورصا , فنادق تقسيم

Le 8 September 2014, 18:54 dans Humeurs 0

We joined the tour in Istanbul to pirivat. Located in Sultanahmet Square with our tour guide We went to hippodr. Holiday tour guides we met hippodr. Our tour guide was very detailed information about the history and culture of Istanbul was passed. Hippodrome Istanbul to the time of the founder of the Eastern Roman Emperor Constantine was performed. hippodrome two stelae have been brought from corn and is used as an arena. Ottoman Sultan Suleyman the first time at the track Vizier Ibrahim Pasha had the mansion. here is very diverse and very large size rugs are hand-woven. Finally in 1609, is made Sultanahmet. Sedefkar by architect Mehmet Efendi was built seven years. It is the most beautiful mosques of Istanbul. It is decorated with Iznik ceramics in blue. There are six domes and minarets  فنادق بورصا , فنادق تقسيم


istanbul sultan ahmet between glass wool in the market which has started. especially, hand-woven carpets are made ​​of leather garments. especially the works of Turkish handicrafts shops are sold. Hippodrome last German Emperor fountain was built in the Ottoman sultans to get as a gift. Istanbul during the Ottoman Empire by Sultan Mehmet now became a capital city and many churches, especially in this period, including Hagia Sophia was converted into a mosque. In 531 Hagia Sophia was built as the world's largest Orthodox church. Istanbul is situated at the most beautiful and the most beautiful and very nice top view of the sea and the old city are.

Ephesus and Celcus Libray

Le 7 September 2014, 09:42 dans Humeurs 0

Canakkl private bus from the city center of Kusadasi and Izmir went 4-star hotel located in the hotel room was very spacious and had oada had a great view of the sea and the forest. We got up early in the morning and a nice breakfast buffet with unlimited cream cheese, jam, honey, ate and drank coffee. We went to Ephesus, and this is an open air museum spread over a wide area and are uznan to the sea. binlar and temples are very nice. the slope of the first sitting of the people had homes and municipal buildings with very nice king's palace is located. The temple had a very nice building. aaçık uses a combination of air that people had toilets. People attended the celebrations and entertainments are held here. 


600 meters long, made ​​of marble and the King had no way on this road is decorated with statues and pillars. Love heart sign at the entrance door of the house, which had and this has occurred from many rooms. There was a natural ventilation system. The statue of the king on both sides are adorned with fountain trojans. Icon and the port of Ephesus, which is located in two-storey interior of this building is single storey. On the front are four pieces of sculpture and Celcus Libray bulunmat tomb was used as a term. Finally, with a capacity of 10,000 people had a very nice theater and exhibition center. Finally, Ephesus was made at the time of the Roman Empire.

Canakkale tours and Troy

Le 5 September 2014, 15:57 dans Humeurs 0

Canakkale went 3-star hotel located in the city center and this is a very nice hotel located on the edge of the sea. We got up early in the morning and our tour guide was first troy with private vehicle and went to the open-air museum. Very detailed information about Troy said. Spread over a wide area of Troy bosphorus dinner cruise , bosphorus cruise and since 1980 a very large excavation and restoration work is done. In 2006, about Troy Troy, starring Brad Pitt and Troy film used in the film has horse sculpture is exhibited in Canakkale city merekez. About Troy consists of nine layers and the first layer is a very nice 92 feet wide at the castle last layer is the center of a theater performance, a large number of smaller buildings, oluşmaktadıt and it has one of the temples in Troy. Troy finally adorned with statues and pillars are the way a king. 




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